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  Welcome to my entry web-site.  This is my old weather web-site.  I have since built a house and a weather observatory in southern Illinois.  Massac County, Illinois to be exact.  I have had a web-site designed to provide local forecasts, my daily weather analysis, radar, weather radios, and much more.  You can view that site by visiting this link.  . 

  If you would like to view some of my snow chase and storm chase photographs then visit my weather photography site.  That site can be viewed here.  I also keep all of my photographs on SmugMug.  If you would like to view more of my weather photos then visit this link

  I also run the Shadow Angel Foundation.  We provide support to local charities.  One of our big projects has been supporting and promoting NOAA Weather Radios.  We have given away many radios and helped local media find ways to continue to keep the weather radio program in the public arena.  We also give away thousands of teddy bears to local charities that work with abused children.  If you would like to learn more about the Shadow Angel Foundation then please visit our site

  You can find me on Facebook under Beau Dodson Weather and on Twitter - under the same!  Social media has become an important part of a lot of peoples daily lives.  More and more readers are getting their information and weather updates through Facebook and Twitter.  So, please visit me there! 

I have had several weather blogs over the last few years:

I have moved to a word-press blog. The 2010 postings can be viewed here.  This link will have my latest weather forecast and analysis.

The 2009 postings and house photos can be viewed here.

2008 Entries

January 01, 2008  Waterloo Whiteout
January 23, 2008 Waterloo Whiteout

February 01, 2008  Niagara Snowstorm
February 02, 2008  Niagara Snowstorm
February 07, 2008  Winter Carnival - Ice Hotel
February 07, 2008  Winter Carnival - Ice Hotel
February 08-9, 2008  Cross Country Skiing
February 08-9, 2008  Winter Carnival - Quebec City
February 09, 2008  Winter Carnival - Snow Sculptures
February 09, 2008  Winter Carnival - Night Parade
February 11, 2008  Winter Carnival - Children of Quebec City and Activities
February 11, 2008  Quebec City Snowstorm
February 11, 2008  Children of Quebec City - Winter Carnival
February 11, 2008  Snowstorm - Quebec City
February 12, 2008  Waterloo, Ontario Snow
February 12, 2008  Ice Storm Hits Western Kentucky
February 13, 2008  Sunset in Waterloo - Snow
February 19, 2008  Zurich, Switzerland
February 19, 2008  Moscow, Russia
February 25, 2008  Moscow, Russia

March 01, 2008 Return to Western Kentucky
March 18, 2008 The flood of '08

April 1st-30th 2008  Thunderstorms

May 1-31st 2008
June 2008
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August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
December 2008

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2007 Entries

July 2007

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All Photos are copyrighted by Beau Dodson and are used on this site with his permission.  Any use other than authorized is against the law.  If you wish to contact me regarding the use of these photos then please e-mail me.

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